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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baltimore-Ashkelon 2.0

Well, our partnership with Ashkelon is truly entering the digital age. For more than a year now, Sigal Ariely has had a blog in Ashkelon that many of us follow with devotion, but over the past few weeks we've begun the process of taking our use of the web and e-communication to a new level. In a nutshell, our partnership is about building the people-to-people relationships between community members in Baltimore and Ashkelon. Not so long ago, people-to-people relationships relied soley on flying to another community, long distance phone calls, and even snail mail. Slowly but surely we've seen advances in the technology that we use to make the distance between Baltimore and Israel seem smaller. We started with e-mails and have even used video conferencing so we can talk face-to-face from 6,000 miles apart, but we are now moving ahead to a new frontier of communication.

Last month, we launched a blog for the Diller Alumni group's journey back to Ashkeon, which I am excited to say will be continued with Diller group going to Israel later this month. On this page over the next week and a half, the Moms on a Mission group will be posting reflections of their trip. The hope is that these blogs, as well as others that my develop, will not just be a means of sharing stories, but of facilitating better communication between our to communities.

In the meantime, say hello to the Baltimore women participating in Moms on a Mission!

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